Annual Town Meeting – 2022

Ilfracombe Town Council will be hosting the Annual Town Meeting on Thursday 26th May 2022 in the Main Conference Room at the Ilfracombe Centre, 44 High Street, EX34 9QB.

Light refreshments will be served from 1830 and the meeting will commence at 1900.

Ilfracombe Town Council are looking to receive issues from electors that they would like to see discussed or reports delivered on.

There are numerous methods of submission available:

It would greatly assist Ilfracombe Town Council if you could send us your areas of interest, issues or enquiries (being as specific as possible) before the deadline of 1600 Tuesday 10th May.

Where possible Ilfracombe Town Council will use the information you provide to have representatives of other organisations present to answer your questions and update us on their achievements for the year.

Ilfracombe Town Council