Ilfracombe High Street Back In Business

With the Government announcing last month that non essential shops could re-open to customers, Ilfracombe High Street has once again flung open its doors to the people of the town. Many shops will have been closed for up to three months, depending on the nature of the business – so they could really do with your custom. Many local shops and businesses ave been the ones to stay with us through what has been a very difficult time – so now it’s our turn to stick with them through what will be, in business terms, another very difficult time. Those who have already visited the town centre will have noticed some changes to the way things work in the High Street and sea front. Here’s all the important things you need to know:

* All over North Devon there are physical changes so we all have more space and feel safe. These changes include a range of practical safety measures including new signs, street markings and temporary barriers. Please adhere to any social distancing measures implemented, including queueing and one-way systems both inside and outside premises as well as across the public transport network.

* The government has given clear guidance to business owners on their responsibilities to be COVID secure before opening again. Public Health England recommends trying to keep two metres away from people as a precaution. However, this is not a rule and the science is complex. The key thing is to not be too close to people for more than a short period of time, as much as you can. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe whilst visiting shops or other premises which are open. Neither councils nor the police have powers to enforce social distancing either within stores or as part of any queuing systems before entry to shops.

* Wash your hands often using soap and water and dry them thoroughly. Where available, use sanitiser outside your home, especially as you enter a building and after you have had contact with surfaces.Avoid touching your face.

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