O’yez! O’yez! Town Crier Assistant Wanted

Roy Goodwin has been the Ilfracombe Town Crier since 1992 and his achievements as an ambassador for Ilfracombe, whilst competing in various competitions around the UK and abroad, including the world championships, can not be underestimated.

Now Roy is looking to the future and is seeking an assistant Town Crier to eventually assume the role in Ilfracombe before he retires.

In his own wonderful voice Roy has said:

“I’m sure there is someone in Ilfracombe (male or female) who is not shy and has a bit of a voice!

I am looking for an assistant Town Crier to learn the ropes before I retire.

Don’t let the job I have built up finish with me.

OK you are not going to get rich but, if you want you could travel the world (at your own expense) or round the UK or just in town promoting this lovely old town. You will meet incredible people particularly on Ilfracombe pier!

You would have to be accepted by Ilfracombe Town Council but, they have been very supportive of me.

If you think you are the future Ilfracombe Town Crier please get in touch with me at royezbnme@talktalk.net


Roy Goodwin”

Find out more about being a Town Crier with this “Gentile Guide to the Art of Town Crying” or by viewing Roy in action.

Ilfracombe Town Council