Special message from the editor

But much like Verity since her inception, the recent projection oflight onto her bronze figure will also have been read a different way by some. The blue colour will have reflected many people’s mood. It will have summed up how they felt having gone two months without hugging their parents or supping a pint with friends in The Thatched Inn beer garden.

The extra spotlight exposing her more controversial features which are upsetting to some but perhaps easier to wash over in normal, brighter times. It seemed a perfect allegory for the situation we find ourselves in. So much hope, but still a blue mood. There has doubtless been much suffering and sacrifice over the last few months, but the way Ilfracombe has reacted has been inspiring.

As restrictions begin to gently ease, we must keep in mind that this is a marathon not a sprint. The guidance will get looser, the onus on individuals will be greater. The emphasis has already shifted to the public to stay alert and control the virus, and some see this as handing the lunatics the keys to the asylum. However, in Ilfracombe we have no choice but to prove that we can take care of each other.

This is not an ‘us and them’ situation. By showing the right compassion and even more patience, we can shield ourselves and our community from whatever might be down the track, even if we feel that others aren’t shielding our community. Stay strong, and stay safe everyone.


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