Ilfracombe volunteer receives BEM honour

A local volunteer in Ilfracombe has received a BEM for her work in the community. Ann Doody works tirelessly for the community and has been and is involved with so many aspects of the town.

She will probably be best known for being seen on her hands and knees around the town weeding pavements and planting up flower tubs on the streets of Ilfracombe.

She helped with the Ilfracombe In Bloom volunteers for years doing this work alongside other projects and good works. Ann was involved with the Hotelier Association many years ago when she ran a hotel in the town.

She is always willing to help when something needs doing and this is evident in her work for Ilfracombe Rotary Club which she has been a member of since 2005. In 2011 she became the first female President of that club and is the current President having been recycled to do it all again. She continues to organise the running of St Nicholas Chapel for Ilfracombe Rotary as well as being involved with all other aspects of the club and its own community work.

Other involvement has included Chair of the Tourism Association, organising the annual Ilfracombe catering exhibition, helping individuals when needed and getting involved in countless other volunteering activities around the town.

Ann never asks for praise and is always keeping herself out of the limelight but has now been recognised in a well deserved Honour Award.

Local News – The Ilfracombe Magazine